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If you’re looking for a place to stay where you can enjoy some of the area’s freshest seafood, consider a Crisfield, Maryland bed and breakfast.Crisfield is located on the Chesapeake Bay in the Lower Eastern Shore region. The town was known for a long time as Somers Cove because many sailors had discovered a cove there that provided good cover from the weather of the Chesapeake. Not long after, a man named John W. Crisfield came across information telling of the vast amount of oyster beds in the Tangier Sound, which is adjacent to what was then Somers Cove. Mr. Crisfield realized that this natural resource was very important and pushed the Eastern Shore Railroad from Salisbury to Crisfield. Once the railroad came into the area, the town took off, becoming industrialized and providing many services to the people in the surrounding area.Today Crisfield is known worldwide for its delicious seafood including blue crabs, oysters, and many varieties of fish. This is one beautiful area of Maryland that you don’t want to miss. Let the Maryland Bed & Breakfast Association help you find the perfect lodging option for your stay in Crisfield.

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