Common Questions About the Maryland Bed and Breakfasts Experience

Maybe you are planning a Maryland vacation or weekend getaway and are considering booking a bed and breakfast, but you’ve never stayed at a B&B before. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions from first-time B&B guests. Read through them and learn about the advantages of bed and breakfast travel, then make reservations to come visit us soon. Our innkeepers are looking forward to hosting your stay at Maryland bed and breakfasts!

Q. How are Maryland bed and breakfasts different from chain hotels?
A. Unlike cookie cutter hotels, each B&B is unique. From historic to contemporary, from country to urban, and rustic to elegant, each inn has its own characteristics, setting, and ambiance. When looking for a B&B, be sure to select one that suits your tastes and needs.

Q. Aren’t Maryland bed and breakfasts expensive compared to other lodging?
A. When you take into account all that you get during your stay, B&Bs can be a cost-effective alternative to chain hotels. Many inns offer guests a variety of complimentary amenities such as high-speed wireless Internet service, cable TV, snacks and beverages, off-street parking, and business services. Along with a more inviting atmosphere, you also get a wonderful breakfast, and your innkeeper is sure to know the best values for area attractions, activities, and dining. When booking your reservations, inquire about the inn’s current travel packages. These special offers will add extra value to your stay.

Q. What will breakfast be like?
A. It’s in the name! Breakfast is half of what MAryland bed and breakfasts are all about. Innkeepers pride themselves in providing delicious breakfasts for their guests, often incorporating local, fresh ingredients and serving innovative, gourmet dishes. Some breakfasts even include dessert – what a way to start the day!

Q. Will the innkeeper accommodate my dietary needs?
A. Mention any special dietary preferences when booking your stay. Innkeepers at Maryland bed and breakfasts are able to accommodate you if they are notified in advance.

Q. Will I have a private bathroom during my stay?
A. Most Maryland bed and breakfasts and inns offer private baths, but when making your reservation, ask the innkeeper if the bathroom is shared or private. A private bath is usually in your room; however sometimes it is in the hall exclusively for your use. (Innkeepers often provide robes if the bathroom is outside your room.)

Q. Are Maryland bed and breakfasts handicapped accessible?
A. If you or anyone in your party requires an inn that’s handicapped accessible, check with the innkeeper before booking your reservations.

Q. Do B&Bs allow children, pets, or smoking?
A. Each inn has its own policies. Before you make reservations, verify the inn’s policies. Some policies even vary from room to room within the our member Maryland bed and breakfast. So, when in doubt about a policy be sure to ask your innkeeper.

Q. How do I make reservations at Maryland bed and breakfasts?
A. Call each inn individually to make your reservations. Use this as an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about policies, the inn’s amenities, and the area you are visiting. Some B&Bs also have online reservation services. If you are making your reservation by phone, call during hours that you wouldn’t mind being called yourself, and be mindful of time zone differences. Innkeepers appreciate advanced reservations and deposits. Since many B&Bs are small and book quickly for popular dates and events, you will want to reserve early.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit? What if I have to cancel my reservation?
A. Ask about deposit and cancellation policies before you book. Your deposit means you are committing to the inn, and they are committing to have a room for you. Since cancellations affect a small inn greatly, they will often result in a forfeiture of your deposit, if the room cannot be re-rented.

Q. When can I check in and check out?
A. Ask about check-in and check-out times when you make your reservations. Innkeepers usually can be flexible if you need to make special arrangements. Since innkeepers are expecting you and want to be there to greet you, be courteous and let them know if your arrival time changes.

*The text for this page was adapted with permission from http://www.bnbfinder.com/blog/