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Maryland Innkeepers: Consider a Portrait Photographer

March 20th, 2013 by Maryland B&B Association

Maryland innkeepers understand that in this day and age of internet marketing, achieving instant rapport with a prospective guest is essential and your website is the crucial portal to your future success.

Professional photography of your inn including special features and your food service is easy, but what about a photo of you?  Most innkeepers don’t consider good portraiture of themselves as a key component of the sales process, but people want to put a human face on the experience they are about to enjoy!

 The guest’s overnight experience involves more than just selecting the room they want to stay in. They are choosing you as well!  It is your labor & love of the world of innkeeping that makes your inn a warm and inviting destination.  Your guest is seeking the unique experience of a bed and breakfast, and that includes choosing “a unique place and a friendly face”.

A professionally produced environmental portrait is an essential component of unique branding. There is no other you!

What exactly is an environmental portrait? Simply put, it is an image placing you in your element reflecting the image you want to portray of your inn.

If your inn style is casual, then our photo shoot will be casual.  If your style is formal and upscale, your portrait will reflect that. If you have a strikingly unique feature to your inn, we will make that the focal point in our portrait of you.

When contracting the professional to photograph you in your establishment, an additional qualification to consider is that photographer’s ability to bring out the best in you.  Looking at the photographer’s portfolio will showcase how well they capture the individual in their environment.

It is an old axiom but a true one:  you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

You are your inn, so remember to let your future guests see you both at your best through the lens of a professional photographer!

content courtesy of:
Bill Rettberg
MidAtlantic Inn Photography